ever get the feeling someone is trying to tell you something?

it seems like the last few days, the topic has been money and charity. i have many mixed CDs in my car, and though seldom listen to the radio – I’ve heard AC/DC’s "Money Talks" on both the CD and radio several times, randomly. the message at church last Sunday was on greed (as one of the seven deadly sins – go listen to the podcast..it’s great). Joanne and I have talked several times about money this week. I completed a poll on a webforum and contributed to the thread having to do with money. I picked up a magazine and happened to open it on an article discussing the lost art of charity in today’s society. and now I’m staring at a work form that can authorize an annual payment coming directly off my paycheck to support United Way.

I can squeeze a penny pretty hard – especially when that penny may be leaving me and going to someone else. Honestly, every time I’ve loosened my stranglehold on my money to help someone else out, it’s been something I’ve never regretted. Maybe I’m just interpreting some coincidences but I think there’s a message there that’s trying to pound itself into my head. I hope I can learn to let go and be more generous.