death metal puts the fun back in fundamentally insane music!

so, the trip to warmer climes is booked..jellybean and I are headed to the dominican republic at the end of february. given the little fits of snow and cold weather and winds’ll be well appreciated. although we won’t be fully certified from our scuba course by that time (we need to do one open water dive) – i’m sure we’ll get some snorkelling in!..all inclusive laziness on a white sand beach where the temperature always hangs around 30C..ahhhhhhh

a little more travel planning is underway..our method of attack seems to be: 1. Take a course to enhance our travel to a destination. 2. Travel to destination. 2008 appears to be a prime target to hit up Europe..this time taking a little time in scotland and then off to germany and maybe italy and greece. and to ready ourselves, we’ve got a german language course. I’m anxious to see some more of bavaria and maybe a little of austria.. but most of all anxious to see how jellybean reacts to everything. It’s interesting to see what other people enjoy and dislike as they travel with you…it’ll be especially neat because it’ll all be new to her.

the last thresh show was a success…we now have a following consisting of teenage groupies. And we’ve also heard a few opinions on the new sound. we’ve definately moved away from mainstream. as those of you who’ve followed know, we’ve been putting up some home recordings on the myspace with an eye towards professional recordings late in the year. it’s all coming together slowly but surely.

the cold is stubborn and still hanging on, but I started back to the gym again in the that’s an indication I’m not near death anymore.

ah. work is busy. toodle-oo!