our first scuba lesson was fun! there was a class component and also some practical time in the pool with the snorkel and full scuba getup.

getting the hang of all the physical things is going to be a dilly, though. there’s a bunch of little tips and tricks to learn …like learning how to empty a filled
snorkel without surfacing and dumping it, or how to empty the water from
your face mask while underwater.

and just things you’ve got to re-condition yourself to be able to do – like not breathing through your nose! in the scuba getup, air is provided through a regulator to your mouth. so breathing through your nose is not only useless, but, as I learned, a source of  frustration – especially when you snort hard hoping to get air, and get chloriney water burning the back of your skull. The other thing that needed a bit more thought was communication – talking underwater when your mouth is supposed to be wrapped around your life support just doesn’t work. So we were given the 2 basic signals, to start – OK, and ‘Not OK’.

besides getting pool water up my nose, I also managed to inhale a bit of it when I swam too low with the snorkel on.. Methinks our instructors were a bit sadistic, they seemed to be grinning whenever someone surfaced from the pool sputtering and hacking.

when I got all geared up, I basically took my time trying to descend to the depth of the 20ft deep pool we were in. it was rather painstaking, but my ‘diving buddy’ was super patient, and I got to the bottom with the help of him and the basic hand signals (i included a vigorous fist pump when I reached bottom) my ears were really sensitive for some reason..so I had to go verrrrrry slooooooooowllly. As you descend or ascend, you gotta ‘equalize’ every so often, which basically amounts to squeezing your nose closed with your fingers and blowing gently. Without equalizing a tremendous amount of pressure can build up and damage your ears (something like when you travel on a plane)..

Ack, once a person gets the brain and body wired properly for how things work, I bet the experience will be phenominal.

As you can tell, scuba’s been a source of excitement the last few days, and I’m looking forward to our next classes..All classes have both classroom and pooltime so it’s going to be stimulating and arousing…er, practical. Our next 3 classes are going to be covering (with more depth) snorkling and equipment setup. WOO!