You know what, actually, we ARE for scuba!

J-Bean and I having been squirrelling cash away for a vacation in Bermuda in spring, and as luck would have it, my travel agent emailed yesterday with a $300 off coupon with a particular travel company. I’ve emailed her to follow up and see if they have some sort of all inclusive deal to Bermuda..lots of relaxation with some sightseeing…and scuba’ing! We’re signing up for a scuba course starting this sunday to get prep’d and certified to go snorkeling and swimming…hopefully we have better luck than Steve Irwin in the water.

too soon?

we’re also enrolled in another class..this one somewhat wierd for me…it’s an introduction to christianity course called Alpha, covering such topics as "why and how do I pray", "How Can I Resist Evil?"…you get the idea. Churchy kind of things have always caused me to be a little skittish because I tend to view the church as old fashioned, for one.

that ardent followers of the bible can still be so closed-minded and push the moldy old testament because it says homosexuality is an abomination.. The old testament also says that after you die your wife should marry your brother. I’d say that’ s a little rednecky. Based on recent developments, I’d say there’s a hell of a lot the church kept out of their dogma, documentation, and rulebooks for ‘good abiding christians’ because it was inconvenient for the administration at some time.

..I also question how things like reformation and the crusades could come about if all the church is trying to do is teach us to ‘love one another’.. I imagine this is just like many modern muslims, who must scratch their heads when they get lumped in with people like bin laden and the taliban, who have stamped their own unique brand of violent buttcheese on religion to serve their own purposes..

but this course, while held at a church, has really nothing to do with the church..more to do with becoming more spiritually full and being better as a person. I hope it helps!