I’d like to point out the last thing I ever said publicly about you on a blog, forum, or otherwise was on April 20th, when I said:

"nekrekker introduced us to some good music, booked us some good shows, and threw some good shindigs. I’m always going to be grateful to him for having introduced me to jellybean. What’s left of our friendship may not be salvageable, but at least let me say I recognize he’s capable of big things, and I hope he goes on to those big things."

Now see, I’ve kept to the high road on this. I held up when you fired off your little rant to all of us about our shortcomings, I held off when you went immediately to the Roxy and blabbed your sob story to whoever would hear. I held off when you blogged your own deluded view of how you came to be some ‘victim’ of backstabbers. But now with your latest potshots taken on your myspace, I’ve grown tired of this.

I don’t know where you’re getting this idea that someone’s been shit-talking about you, but considering how you single out blogs and forums and I’m the only one who maintains a blog, I can only assume you’re talking about me. And I haven’t bothered to waste my breath, I can assure you.

Wake up, Jesse. You were kicked out of the band. Your shit stinks like everyone else’s. Three people who had friendships with you found you such an unbearable, ignorant, petulant little child that they decided unanimously it was easier to cut ties with you, than deal with giving you more chances to quit being a prick.

Oh, and quit crying about being back stabbed – before you got ousted you were actively checking up on local bands for drummers to replace me.

I openly admit I cut you off on purpose during the song intro at Walker’s. Given there were only 3 drunks waiting there for Sparky it’s a little overdramatic (as is your strongpoint) to call it ‘sabotage’. As with many other band issues, you were told many times
that meaningless chatter between every song detracted from the show, but again you ignored advice from a multitude of people and did things your own way.

These months without you in the band have been an eye opener. Every rehearsal is another we don’t have to deal with you fighting endlessly, pigheadedly to push idiotic ideas through. We don’t have to put up with your inconsistency and egomaniacal ways – telling us how to prioritize our lives, run our relationships – where, when, and how to devote our time.

I’m personally glad we don’t have to waste time waiting on you to prove to yourself your ideas are wrong. I’m happy we don’t have to listen to you moan and complain about how you aren’t included in songwriting when all you have to throw in is sub-par recycled riffs and moldy old cliche lyrics.

In fact, the only thing we collectively regret is that we can’t be friends with Christa because of this. I hope you have a better attitude in your relationship than you do in bands, because she deserves better than that.

I’d like to issue some advice to your current band – something I wish we’d gotten before we asked you to join corrupt system. Jesse is a great deal of trouble more than he’s worth. His motives for being involved in a band are questionable, and he’s out to take credit when it’s not due to him. And don’t think he set the precedent with Corrupt System – it sounds like there’s more than a few former
band-mates that have experienced the same thing.

In closing, I think you’re the one who needs to wake up, grow up, and move on buddy. We all have to play in this town, and it’d be easier for all involved if you’d let go of all this bullshit bravado.