bye bye long weekend, hello 3 day work-week!

the long weekend was uber-neat. to summarize it all neatly and chronologically –

  • my drum rack equipment came in, finally completing my drumset. it looks fanfuckingtastic and I got everything organized more closely so I can play with a little more ease. i’ll have pictures up soon.
  • trying to obey the no non-alcoholic beverage after 10am rule at the lake. my brother is a machine!
  • skinny dipping…rather short and minimalistic but at least some of the deeply repressed christians joined in
  • thunderstorms and hard rain. we can party inside! WOO!
  • sunshine – it was hot enough sunday to go on the 3 person tube of ass raping head snapping fun!
  • intensely passionate drunk sex! ’nuff said!
  • friends and family
  • loud frickin’ metal..sounds of the underground yesterday was the best concert I’ve ever gone to for free.
    • trivium and as I lay dying, while good, were not the highlights of the night
    • in flames was definately the unexpected sleeper hit for me. I was suprised at their fan base largely because I hadn’t heard some of the gooders they pulled out for the show. the band has been around for a long time, though. super tight and energetic, and their light show and stage prescence was unmistakably the best.
    • another nod to terror, for their ‘crunchcore’ music. dan may not have liked that they did a bit of jumping, but they had wicked riffs coming out of every pore!
    • best dedication – cannibal corpse. They dedicated their song "Fucked with a knife" to all the women in the crowd.
    • GWAR. some people don’t care for GWAR’s live show..but I find it tongue in cheek and over the top. It’s hard to take the music seriously, however, when the necks of decapitated leather thong bound slaves are spurting gallons of fake blood into the audience while a mini t-rex is chasing the band around on stage.
      it sure was entertaining though.
    • i got to speak with cannibal corpse‘s drummer paul briefly (spotted him arriving at the merch table before anybody else did) and congratulated him on his insanity. he had the fastest hands of the night by far..his sticks looked like hummingbird wings when he was playing blast beats! fastest feet would have to go to through the eyes of the dead‘s drummer.
    • bands I probably wouldn’t pay to see again – evergreen terrace, behemoth, and the black dahlia murder.

things are pretty smelly at work, but I’ve got a lot of varying tasks, and that makes me happy. and now I have new music to check out while i do everything..woot!