the show on saturday was well played…by us..

and you know what? *cue gentle life lesson music*
i learned something saturday. I learned that the unwritten procedures
and rules that make for a better show – I had taken for granted as
being common sense for every band. (thanks band two for the life
lesson!) –

  • if you are an overweight teen with pasty skin, a horrible farmer
    tan, and huge bitch tits, it’s not a good idea to take off your shirt on stage (no matter how hot it
    is). that works against your performance, no
    matter how cool your stage routine is.
  • one person at a time talks into a microphone. it’s not a thing
    you can jockey for position at and win a prize! as in life, when more than one person is talking at a time saying different things it gets really hard to focus on what’s being said.
  • same goes for playing instruments in between songs. idly
    fidgetting and hitting drums makes it impossible to hear what the man
    with the mic is saying.
  • listen to and work nicely with the sound guy. insulting the guy
    who can make or break your performance in front of a hundred people is
    not a good idea.
  • if you can’t perform and work well together as a band, perhaps practicing and performing solo pieces isn’t such a good idea…

the sad thing is this particular band seemed to be made up of popular
school kids, and when they left they took several show attendees with
them, and possibly scared away others with the frightening prospect the next band up would be as bad.

in any case, as I said – we played really well. I was complimented
several times on my performance by other drummers, which was
satisfying! There was a couple times I almost had the tempo slip away
from me because of how hardcore asskicking emotional the music was
making me feel, but I reigned it in. both mark and dan seemed to have
enjoyed playing the show and were happy with their performances also –
and you can feel a sense of mutual respect and camaraderie that was
missing in the previous line-up.

overall – much better than expected for the first show with new
material, and still awaiting one more member to fill the lead vocal
spot! (with 2 auditions coming up)

after the show, whaddya know – we’re getting ready to load up, and it starts to rain a bit. the rain quits for a while and we decide to load the gear. just as we start laying the tarp over the amps in the open trailer we’re towing – BABOOM!…rain drops the size of your fist dropping rapidly on us.. we drove through mini-lake after mini-lake to get the gear home, but thankfully everything was nice and dry. and once the stuff was unloaded, you know of course it stopped raining completely. bahaha! frickin’ saskatchewan weather!

the rest of the long weekend was spent at jellybean’s mama’s cabin celebrating her mama’s birthday. I’ve now met a size-able portion of the closest relations and I think I am going to survive. viva la relationship!

ok, i gotta rip. keep your sticks on the ice!