ok, i’m done with talking about female nipples. for a while.

i’m sitting here on friday night with a bag of jalapeno chips, listening to some recent recorded band jams, trying to chill out. it’s really sultry in the apartment…like, when you can feel every inch of your skin is just waiting for one more degree of heat before it forms persperation on the outside.

tommorow night is the really big show – thresh’s first – at the really big events center, and I’m looking forward to it. not to hauling the gear or having to listen to bands outside our genre and squirm all the while, wanting to just get up on the stage to play. i practiced my ass off today and feel confident I can put on a good show..the drums are sounding good 🙂 the thing is – I feel it necessary to play with the setup all the time, and I still haven’t found the exact cymbal (yes, the correct spelling, it’s not symbol) layout..but everything is getter closer to ideal..so that’s good. my visa cringes everytime i go to long & mcquade, but it can’t be helped. I gotta drum!

cold pepsi. need cold pepsi.

smell you later.