so, on the beach the other day tanning with jellybean, she lamented that she could not show her nipples on a public beach. she reasoned she ought to be able to do so for the following reasons:

1.Men can, and there’s not much different between the two gender’s breast structure, other than the roundness and amount of flesh. And given the amount of overweight children and men surrounding us on this particular beach, that differentiating point may be moot, too.
2.Bikini tops on the covers of every magazine and beach reveal nearly all of the breast tissue anyway, what is the hidden taboo with nipples?

she continued to scrunch up her nose and make cranky sounds, and I asked
"Who is making you cover up your nipples?".
and she kind of generalized. "Everyone!".
to which I replied "Well, I’m certainly not! I’d like nothing more than to see your exposed nipples".

She backed up with "Ok, well, not everyone, but SOCIETY"

who is this society anyway, and what is the deep conspiracy involving the nipple coverup? I’d like to know.