when i started blogging around april of last year, I think I mainly wanted to examine a little more of human nature and my progress in life around my experiences…however, at current, it’s degenerated more or less to journal of regular ‘life updates’.

don’t get me wrong, blogging is a good way to do that and keep people in the loop, but it seems much less entertaining and therapeutic to maintain that process. there isn’t much happening these days in my life I can write about that provides that chance to reflect that blogging allows. 

which is strangely, a thing to reflect upon. maybe i’ve gotten boring or, perhaps, a happy and stable life in most areas makes for a bland hued mental canvas. bad news sells newspapers, drama generates controversy and discussion. compound that with the fact that i’m not one to toot my horn over run of the mill good experiences, and that leaves me staring at the blinking cursor, waiting impatiently in vain for percolated reflective thoughts to pour out of my ear into my keyboard.

perhaps I need a break from blogging for a while.