for all those naysayers who say it can’t be warm in canada or saskatchewan – MEH. it’s going to be 32 celsius today (90 F)..and will stay that way for a while, too, it looks like.

what’s up with people that use the imperial system anyways? aren’t you tired of being behind the ball?

vomit is gross.

oo..i just checked out jellybean’s space, and she’s got pictures from her birthday weekend, even the ones of her passed out in the tub! to paraphrase how her party went – let’s just say she was overexcited and crammed all her celebrating in prior to the evening on sunday, then spent the rest of the evening and next morning sleeping/praying to the bowl.

but it was actually strangely good for me to take care of her. lurve that girl!

monday evening she was feeling much more chipper and we went for a long walk down by the river..with the great weather it made for a gorgeous evening.

this week..well..I’m trying to kind of fuck the dog and figure how in god’s great name I can get this redundant firewall business working. this is a crappy implementation of redundancy, IMHO. after that, I’ve got some summertime funnytime. got the whole first week of july off to hopefully relax and catch up on some band stuff, some lake lounging, and absolutely zone out for hours on end playing some PC games that are just itching to be lovingly fondled.

but, my hungry man microwaved imitation food is ready, so off I go. peace out, yo.