would you call porn that you watch in the morning porning?

the move-in is complete, I’m happy to say. of course, things are in a
little bit of a state of disarray, as can be expected. but I’m happy to
have someone so special to share my space with.. half the time
I’m filling that space with unbearable flatulence, so I’m not sure she feels the same way, hahaha. but seriously, the place was pretty bachelorized, and it’s going to feel more like a home than a place I eat and sleep sometimes with her there.

they recently opened up a new franchised restaurant in saskatoon, called Schnitzel‘s. have you see this? have you heard about this? i’ve had such a hankering for it lately and I’ve probably overdone going there. jellybean must think I’m crazy sometimes with all the food choices I latch onto. (however, as I watched her pour yogurt, glutamine, and raisins into her oatmeal and eat it this morning I know she picks up on some of my sillyness)

those of you not in the know – a schnitzel is a cutlet (usually pork) that gets the living shit tenderized out of it and pounded flat and breaded. the traditional ones, as they are so thin, are usually quite large (as big as an elephant’s ear, as mats would say). and damn, they’re tasty. jellybean and I are headed there after we’re done work today, and I’m drooling already.

the whole schnitzel thing is a part of my pangs to visit germany again. I’ve been in touch with a friend in Cologne regularly as prep for the world cup heats up and I’m thinking a few years ahead to travelling out there to visit. with that, I wanted to significantly improve my german by the time I head out there..in addition to the voice instruction cds and workbooks I have, this fall I may be able to attend an intermediate german course for free..or cheap. as I work for a school division I have a little pull with the teachers. I’m excited about the whole prospect.. even jellybean’s got into the act, learning little german phrases here and there 🙂