"everyone has stories. they bore me.
everyone’s got skeletons in their closets.
don’t ask me, where they got ’em.

you should just told the truth a long time ago.
liar. liar! LIAR!
I told you so."
– Devil Driver – Digging up the Corpses

that’s cool. how’s that for non-original content that I just put on my blog to sound cool, eh?

yeah, i was gone a while there. the whole ottawa thing. westjet needs a direct flight from saskatoon to more places, honestly. why am i flying an hour west to fly 4 hours east? huh?


because I took on additional consulting work, I was working every night of the week after sessions were over..I didn’t have any opportunity to explore Ottawa. which suits me fine, I had the feeling the whole time I was there that I would visit again.

ever get that feeling? or the opposite? I’ve been in places where I felt I had to go explore and do everything I could because I felt I’d never get another chance and I’d regret it.

so being in ottawa was the exact opposite of that. besides, ottawa is EXPENSIVE..at least around the area of the sheraton ottawa, anyways =p

the conference was good..well, some of it. i was reminded really
brilliant people can also be devoid of social skills. like me (hehe) – or aka, mr. talk
non-stop cryptographic key kid with the acne beard and google t-shirt.
i was also reminded microsoft will spring for breakfast and lunch three
days in a row to prove how much they really are improving and try to sell you
stuff. that’s not to say they aren’t improving, it looks like they
are…but it takes a long time for that large a company turning out
that large a product to change in any meaningful way.

it was also funny how behind they are in some respects..I can’t count
the number of times i heard people comment to microsoft presenters "oh,
so like BSD was doing in 1982, right?". i chortled at my table
everytime I heard that.