kinda bored.

it’s the ol’ back to work tuesday after a long weekend…

good ol’ tuesday – you can rejoice that you have a shorter workweek, but be disgusted that the day has soiled itself with all the trappings of a monday….inbox and voicemail  filled by people asking for assistance with this and clarification on that.. and the dreary faces of people wishing they just had one more day to themselves..blah

the weekend was ok.."Hot, Sunny, Calm, with Clear Skies expected" – my ass.

overcast, cold, with gale force winds was more like it. in any case, it was still relaxing and socially fulfilling, and the weather gave my brother an I an excuse not to shrivel our nuts up in the freezing cold water putting the dock in.

this weekend jellybean will be moving some of her big stuff dad’s truck to do the grunt work with. i can hardly wait 🙂

I hit a duck with the truck on the way back to the city. the duck flew pretty much right out of the slough and into the windshield. almost like he was tired of living or something. if the duck or I had been going any faster I’m pretty sure it woulda cracked the windshield up. scared the crap out of me with the loud noise, the suddeness, all the water, blood, and crap he got on the windshield – the windshield needed a good 4 pass wipe and squirt before I could make the road out again.

agh..i better do some more work, I guess. it’s not going to get done on it’s own unfortunately.