i love bash.org, damn there’s some funny conversation quotes in there..go and click the random link and have some laughs..

[testic] Average number of times a man will ejaculate in his lifetime: 7,200
[sg1138_] 7200 seems pretty high
[testic] I think that includes wanking and wet dreams
[sg1138_] 7200 seems pretty low

<GreyPawn> My friend Dan once woke up screaming because his nuts got twisted around each other.

Dublyner: I was up in Winnepeg and some guy on the street asked me if I
had two loonies for a toonie. I thought he was going to rape me or

<Shaft> my dad used to buy them for his coffee and i would always just eat them out of the box
<@kaanchy> i used to eat powdered milk
<Shaft> that was coke
<Shaft> your mom was a cocaine addict
<@kaanchy> so that explains why im eating it right now

<Measure> haha reading about this japanese video
<Measure> girl has to survive on a few eggs and semen for a week.
<Measure> can’t eat anything else
<Ravenlily> ew
<Ravenlily> i hate eggs

<DeathStar> i have to flick my balls so the cum comes out
<DeathStar> fuck wrong channel
<DeathStar> ignore that please
<Draebor> haha

<Dark_Soul>Just because I’m from Canada doesnt mean I live in an igloo.
<Ralts>What, you fucking homeless?

<b3nz0rz>: A lady came up to me on the street, pointed at my
suede jacket and said, "Don’t you know a cow was murdered for that
I said "I didn’t know there were any witnesses. Now I’ll have
to kill you too".

<Marques> hmm
<Marques> so I have to go to dinner with my girlfriend her mom
her two sisters and their grandparents. I wonder what people think when
they see a black guy walk in to a restaurant with 6 white people =)
<Trip> hostage situation

[+MadManDaz] I brought a david blane toy 10 days ago. I Still cant get the fucker out the box.

Omniscient Sean: I think we should terrorist start throwing in nuclear
weapon noteworthy national security keywords to Allah otherwise
innocuous conversations.
InfiniteSuperior: I Bin Laden agree.
Omniscient Sean: So how are Al Qaeda classes?
InfiniteSuperior: I have Al Sadr a psychology report Iran due Wednesday.
Omniscient Sean: Ah, that Tehran sucks.
Omniscient Sean: This bizarre Sadaam open-source database utility has
all the Palestine trappings of other open-source utilities.
Omniscient Sean: In this WMD case, useless error messages.
InfiniteSuperior: Other than Pakistan that, classes are Libby going well.

<dngnand> Never tell your hairdresser "Make me look like a porn star!"
<nick> espeically without specifying what gender or what decade

<+OwnzYa> work?
<+OwnzYa> whats that?
<@Wapwap> That explains why you are so fat