so, that was a great long weekend. and it will be followed by another great long weekend..

after a great deal of travelling friday, we finally arrived at
jellybean’s sister’s house in manitoba. we had a couple good relaxing
days, ate loads of ice-cream (i skipped the diet for this weekend
knowing it would be difficult to follow to any extent), played
lazertag, and enjoyed an excellent dinner theatre.

oh, and the dogs.. I’ve long been a big fan of golden retrievers, and
j’s sister has 3 of them, including a fuzzy pup who was only 2 months
old. we almost convinced ourselves into sneaking the little fella
home..but alas, cooping a dog like that up in an apartment just isn’t
fair to the dog. as for meeting the family, jellybean’s mom and sister
are both ok with me. it seems as though as long as j’s happy, they’re
ok with me, which is how it should be.

on the way back, however, I had the most difficult (?) challenge
meeting j’s brother, who asked me to go hunting with him, and followed
that up with asking me what my intentions were towards his sister. I
could tell he was looking for the reaction and to catch me stunny, but
I quickly replied "I’m hoping to get married and raise a nice little family with
her".. he was the one caught looking stunny, methinks.

I can’t wait for may long weekend already. hotdurgers anyone?

EDIT: The new SOiL cd is soundin’ good.