i was kind of struck with a thought a few weeks ago while watching lost on a particular issue.. for those of you that don’t watch the show – the premise is that there’s a bunch of aircraft crash survivors stranded on a deserted island.

During the episode in question, one of the castaways – Bernard, decides that he is sick of the status quo of making due with being on the island, and formulates a plan to get rescued. During his solicitation for help speech to the rest of the islanders, his wife Rose stands against him, arguing against giving everyone false hope.

and here I come to my point of argument. finally, right? In past relationships and in experiences even very recently with other couples, I wonder what the correct route is to take when it comes to your significant other’s disagreements with third parties when those disagreements somehow involve you. for example, say I have a buddy ‘steve’ and my girlfriend does something mean or witchy in front of me to steve that could cause tense relations between everyone. what do you do?

  • get everyone together and argue it out even though the issue isn’t really yours
  • tell them to work it out privately
  • refuse to get involved at all and let whatever happens happen
  • support your girlfriend no matter what and face the wrath of steve
  • stand up to your girlfriend in front of steve and call her out for being a bitch
  • talk to your girlfriend privately about the issue and then smooth things over with steve

I guess it’s a fine line. At one point, in a relationship, you’re supposed to be the strongest and most constant supporter of your boy/girlfriend. On another side, noone should accept bad behaviour, no matter where or who it’s coming from.

Not that this is an issue Jellybean and I face, but it is something I experience with other friends in relationships.