a photoblog entry, for fun. it was a nice warm sunday, so it was decided jellybean and I would go for a walk after supper.

and boy, was supper good..

so we hopped into jellybean’s car just outside my apartment building. ..

and I waited in jellybean’s car for the mc hammer song to stop..

smurfette does a honululu dance whilst the music pumps..

enroute to jellybean’s to change. anybody remember these garfield window stickies? do they still sell these?

outside jellybean’s. these galoots were made for walkin’!

headed down broadway bridge enroute to downtown.

the bessborough..(our cool medieval hotel) it’s one of the older buildings in saskatoon.

at the end of broadway bridge, checking out the park and victoria bridge. Saskatoon is known as a bridge city, likely because there’s 5 of them over the river saskatchewan in the city.

and time for dessert at the saskatoon bus stop restaurant..frozen yogurt = good.

see? gooooooood.

checkin’ out the park and the bandstand..

and checkin’ out my posin’ girl.

what should we do today to confuse motorists in saskatoon? I know, let’s put up a roundabout, an intersection more commonly used in England than Canada.

And finally, all’s well that end’s well, headed back home over the Victoria bridge. Heehee. (I could watch her walk away all day long)