bah, it’s been a while since I updated. it’s tough to do these regularly now for some reason.

the band thing is going well, back to auditioning for us, and we’ve got
a load of material to go through..some of it is really really hot..i’m
really juiced to start working on the new stuff. it sounds like
nekrekker is getting a band together too, so all’s well that ends well.
everything happens for a reason.

the die-t is going well. I planned on 6 weeks and to lose approx 2.5
lbs per week. (funny that we canadians still measure weight in pounds).
I’m into my third week and am sitting at 6.4 lbs lost, so i’m about
right on track. i’m not looking forward to the trials of the long
weekend in winnipeg and then may long weekend, we’ll have to see
how that’s going to go – i won’t deny myself liquor or barbequed goodies on may long so the diet may get extended. willpowah!

oops, I gotta go pick up some drum stuff. *out*