as I was sitting at my computer doing a quick e-mail check before heading out on a walk, my attention was turned by jellybean to a magazine she was holding, and the picture inside she was pointing at, which appeared to be a naked girl, butt towards the camera, legs spread. jellybean then proceeded to ask me, "Do you like her pussy?"

i just hid my face in my heads and shook my head towards the floor, laughing. not touching that with a ten foot pole. how is a guy supposed to answer a question like that?

but I suppose it could be worse. I get the feeling most women, when happening upon a porn stash, will junk it and chew their man out.

I also get the feeling not many women, upon finding said porn stash, will take the time to read through the xxx mags, get their freaky on, and then later decide to go into a deep analysis with their boyfriend about whether a pussy is surgically enhanced for symmetry and aesthetically pleasing visuals or not. i’ve got a keeper, i tell ya, but she sure is full of suprises, and often when I least expect them.

or am I wrong? i know to some smaller degree from experience couples may check out porn together – but in general pornography is largely viewed as a yucky icky perverted disgusting semi-satanic thing that men do that women find unacceptable in a relationship. maybe attitudes are changing? or maybe I just have a really open and sexual girlfriend.

what are your thoughts on the topic?

and why are pubic hairs so coarse? is it because they don’t get shampooed and conditioned like regular hair?