a wise man once made a decision – whether to be friends with someone, or be in a band with them. I found myself agreeing with two other band mates on monday when the time came to make the same decision for our band.

corrupt system has been split apart.. dan, mark, and I have decided to go our own way and nekrekker is going another. what do most divorce papers cite? irreconcilable differences? that’s probably the easiest way to say something without saying anything substantial.

there has been a lot said about what happened, and a lot still to be said about it. assumptions are made that making and following through on the decision was done without care and was easy, and that’s not the case.

the unanimous feeling of the three was that we had reached a point where creating and playing music (which is a major lifelong passion for all of us) wasn’t even enjoyable anymore. that shouldn’t have been acceptable for as long as it was. however, eventually you have to come to grips that you’re accepting less or worse than what you deserve, and make a change.

there’s another assumption that it was backhanded, and that is subject to each individual’s interpretation, and it’s not an assumption I’m going to bother discussing.

in any case, it’s now been a year of corrupt system – with highs, lows, and many bittersweet memories. nekrekker introduced us to some good music, booked us some good shows, and threw some good shindigs. I’m always going to be grateful to him for having introduced me to jellybean. What’s left of our friendship may not be salvageable, but at least let me say I recognize he’s capable of big things, and I hope he goes on to those big things.