lots to relate and in such a short time.

i have declared this next half hour at work no-work time. i deserve it at this point. things have been so nucking futs around here i’m suprised i’m not backed up into a corner, disheveled, unkempt, and throwing yowling cats at people in fits of insanity.

most of the problems I am dealing with are directly or indirectly related to the security problems I’ve had to deal with. changing 23,000 user’s passwords and tightening the belt on our firewall until it draws blood had something to do with it, I’d bet.

my boss has gone in one direction, where he’s worried, and justifiably so, about darn near everything, and is suggesting ridiculous measures in a lot of cases to tighten things up. I can do almost anything technically he asks for, but if he doesn’t ask for it, Of course, if there’s another attack we won’t be treated as the poor victim, then it’ll be his ass on the line, not mine.

the users, of course, have gone in the other direction. why do we have to change passwords? why can’t we use a 1 letter password? why can’t I use the same password I did before? why are some of the things we used to be able to do no longer allowed? why are systems down?

it is kind of fun though, to say to end users (who somehow got my direct line number), "It’s our policy at this time not to permit the use of that resource in that fashion. You will have to formally submit a request for access to my boss." And then I can continue feverishly working, completely ignoring those people.

enough of work stuff, though.

jellybean is moving in in june. I told my parents this weekend and they are indeed pleased, and I can’t wait. we’re attached at the hip and we do so much together..it’s crazy 🙂

i started this monday with a summer shapeup program..i’ve got some new advice from a pro that I was able to squish together with my usual program. If I’m consistent, I have no doubt I will be able to remove 15 lbs of fat in two months from my ‘ready to get naked at summer parties’ body . it’s going to take a lot of work and willpower, but I’ve done it before, and for much longer periods of time, so I’m not worried. the only obstacles are the weekend I am headed to winnipeg, and…

i’m headed to ottawa for a week, too. i’m headed there at the end of may. as long as I can pack up proper food and continue my exercise plan, I’ll be good. i’ve never been to ottawa, so I’ll have to bring a camera to take a picture of the prime minister’s nuts.

what else is new? well, it may not be news, but corrupt system didn’t pass the quarter finals in battle of the bands at the roxy. confidentially, what a joke that was. strange how all the metal bands and punk bands are getting kicked off in favor of mainstream bands. sorry, it’s not "Band Warz" if only mainstream bands can win. That’s "Mainstream Band Warz". i had one of my best shows at the quarter finals, and I know there’s some REALLY undeserving bands that moved on that we completely and totally humiliated and dominated. It makes me angry that we invested the time and energy in it. But we do have additional shows coming up that will be worth our time, go check out our website for those dates 🙂

matthew has it right, summer and beers at the lake. that’s going to be where it’s at. clothing optional. who’s in?