man, talk about trial by fire. this has been a set of crazy weeks at work. two weeks ago we determined (a) hacker(s) penetrated our system and got high level access..i’ve spent the last two weeks doing containment, investigation, damage assessment, and now, cleanup. and more will take forever and a day..well, at least until summer to really get things up to some level of certainty, and then we start summer projects..GAH

anyways, i’m looking forward to summer. spring is poking out of it’s underwear all over saskatchewan now…very melty.

i’m doing good on my save money plan. if I can hold the reins one more month, I should be breaking even. phew. we just need to get jellybean squared away and we’ll be able to start planning a carribean vacation..W00T!

and i’m going to winterpeg (also knows as winnipeg) may 12th weekend..woo!

and and and.

oh my, i turn 28..soon..

this wasn’t a very good entry. i apologize profusely at your collective feet.