then write it yourself. it’s easy to blog. just kidding.

in less than 1 month, I am going to be 28.

2 more years ’til 30.

what happens when you turn 30? do you lose all bladder control? do you find yourself looking in the mirror going, "Shit!"?

i don’t know, because I’m not yet 30.

sure, 30+ year olds will tell you what their experiences have been, but who believes those people? not me, that’s for sure. i think it’s a conspiracy. something big happens when that old odometer rolls over, but you can’t bet on getting the straight truth from anyone. on my last day of being 29, i’ll make sure to bury all my money in the backyard, pack a suitcase, and make sure i’m limber and well rested. you’ve got to be ready for all possible outcomes, I say. better safe than sorry, as it were.

i will be every vigilant and watchful.

and I will let the 20 somethings know exactly what happens when you turn that page. unless I get brainwashed by the cult of the 30 somethings. you better believe I’ll do my best not to, though.

pray for me.