last week was INSANE. 3 late nights after shows with the band..three nights of carrying every piece of the band’s equipment into the venues, setting up, tearing down, and loading the van each time..bah.

they were all fun and cool gigs in their own way though.

saturday night had it’s share of sillyness. we got through our first set relatively well (expect for when i punched my snare drum accidently, i got a big gash in my finger and bloody sticks and snare head to show for that one). during our break 2 busses full of pub crawlers come in..and the dj starts playing all this r&b and dance music..the band looking alternatively at each other and the drunken preppies, thinking to ourselves, "We’re going to be disappointing a lot of these dance monkies shortly".

but it turned out ok, we got back up on stage for our second set, which was the heaviest, and proudly announced that we’re a metal band, to cheers from the audience. our first number started with several drunken ladies getting onto the stage to "dance" (i use the term loosely, note), and being pulled off the stage shortly by bouncers, only to try and get back on stage. we kept a large crowd in front for most of our set until the pub crawlers crawled off to their next destination.

there’s always one monkey in the crowd though, our bassist found himself the target of some moron who decided to fling ice cubes at him, and eventually he tossed an entire glass of ice at him, which nearly prompted our bassist to leave the stage to pummel said idiot. in his haste to escape however, he was caught and brought to the front of the stage in an armlock by a bouncer. here’s what transpired:


bassist: "What the fuck is your problem?"
idiot: "I don’t like your music"
bassist: *spits in idiot’s face*

after that sillyness, the second set finished with headbanging goodness, and we even were cheered enough to get back on stage for an encore number. it was fun.:)

oh, and I cleaned up my brother’s computer this weekend. after installing another anti-virus and anti-malware program and many many scans and reboots, it was cleaned. ad-aware found 200 infections, spybot search and destroy found 140, and spyware doctor found 240. then AVG antivirus found 30 trojans, worms, and virii. I’ve never seen a computer so seriously messed addition to that, i found some 5GB of porn and illegal software that other people (who had taken control of the computer) had downloaded.. there was a stream of ads popping up on the computer, so many, so fast that it was nearly impossible to close them fast enough to do all the requisite scanning. I actually enjoyed that bit of work…making dirty dirty computers all clean.

i have gas, i better go expel it. have a sweet monday. or as sweet as a monday can be, in any case.