6 minutes ’till lunchtime.

the really big shoe on tuesday – devil driver was awesome..can’t say the same for opeth. their music stylings leave me yawning and hoping for another band..kram and I left after their second song. it took them half a frickin’ hour to play those two songs! 15 minute songs? oh god.

the corrupt system show following (aka the opeth/devil driver after party show) went ok. as we were sitting around waiting for our opener to finish their set, some of devil driver’s and dark tranquility’s band and crew walk in. I was sleep deprived and tired that evening, jittery from a slowly fading coffee buzz, and then add on top of that, a bundle of nerves when we get up on stage to play in front of some of metal’s hardest hitters. the first 5 songs were ok, but in a couple I had some real fuckups here and there that got covered up.

we started getting into the heavier shit, and then I remember looking up halfway through playing Strapping Young Lad’s ‘Love’, and there’s guys with hair 6 feet long headbanging at the front of the stage, and Devil Driver’s guitarist is on stage screaming the lyrics from Dan’s mic.

well, I snap. I fucking LOSE IT!

from that point on, i think we played pretty sloppy, but it was a lot easier to enjoy and have fun, and we didn’t look so stiff.

and you know what, not a single picture taken to capture the moment. usually before a show we make sure we’ve got multiple people bringing video cameras and still cameras..not this night. at least jellybean and bilsky were there and can verify what may have otherwise been a band hallucination brought on by dan’s smoke machine. what’s in that thing, anyways?

and two more shows, one on friday, and one on saturday. the one on saturday is getting to be a hassle because of the equipment we have to rent and bring and manage, but should be a lot of fun…lots of people coming out for that one. free beer!

and then hopefully we can get back to the business of writing more songs, which is fun.

oo, and I got my income tax refund already. all hail netfile and tax prep software!

gotta go buy a video card. later, gators.

EDIT: Bought a video card. video cards are cool. *eats it*