this blog brought to you by pepsi, the choice of a new generation.

yes, i’ll be getting a tax rebate. only because I was employed half of
last year but my employer was still taking off full year sized income
tax chunks from my cheques. so really, it’s money the government owes
me. i should charge them interest, eh?

in any case, another little chip away at the debt. and another step
closer to nudist resorts in brazil. w00t! i calculated I was naked in
semi-public places at least 4 times last year. I’m hoping to top that.
there was the weekend at the lake and the sharpie marker, there was new
year’s..there was that night at heppcat’s old house, and finally, the
evening at the lake in front of almost everyone i know. hah. life can
be fun.

the job is going exceptionally well. lots of new challenges and the
chances to play with new technologies, and it’s been busy. i’m taking a
day off next week though to spend with jellybean in bed though. just be
lazy, order takeout, watch movies and relax. can’t wait 🙂

hahaha…rack mounted.

yes indeed, it’s going well. now if the band situation would just clean
up it’d be smooth sailing. it seems there’s always got to be one thing
that needs work at all times otherwise life would be boring and drama
free. and I like my drama like I like a gang rape extreme sodomy style
by 200 huge angry men named ‘Moe’.

i want a bag of cheetos.