it has been a while. sheesh, i remember when i could wax nostalgic and otherwise about stuff in blogs all the time. i remember when i was doing two entries a day. i just don’t have that spark lately. but it is important to keep at, I think. kind of keeps you centered and gets all those thoughts collected.

this week at work was crazy..3 weeks into the new job, and it’s been hectic. i didn’t think i’d have to learn vms, but it turned out I had to to be able to fix some things. well, I didn’t really end up fixing anything, but i learned a lot of new commands and stuff to be able to troubleshoot things. it doesn’t hurt to learn new things anyways. and even though it’s been rushrush i’ve been really liking it. i even want to get into work early and find myself missing lunches and staying late when i’m hot on the trail of this or that.

i’ve got more power and say, too. it’s cool that way..since my predecessor moved on I asked for and received a new cubicle, a new PC, and a new parking stall. this week should be even more fun as we price out stuff like a san, a couple test servers for the development team (and me:), and kvm over ip stuff.  i’ve also kind of come to start "managing" people..inappropriate office language lady now seems to be coming to me for direction, and that I don’t mind one bit. well, except she comes over to report on her activities and/or vent about what’s bugging her every 30 minutes. ah well, that’s what coworkers are for, eh?

this week was really slow for the band, we had our first practice in like a week, and it didn’t go very well, nor was it as thorough as it should’ve been given the amount of shows we have coming up.

i’ve been feeling under the weather the last while, but i did make it to the gym 4 out of 5 weekdays..i’m hoping to feel energetic enough to get there tonight and perhaps tommorow. i have march left until I start my summer I’ve been a real pig when I can, eating lots of stuff that I know is bad for me. my pants are starting to get tight, though, so I’ve gotta watch it. i like doritos.

jellybean is awesome. some times i get a little independent feeling and want to keep to myself for a couple days though..I get all hermit-y and board myself up in the computer room just to play games or surf or just something to take my mind off life for a while. I haven’t seen her as much this week as I’d have liked, though, so last night I went to her work and stayed with her most of her shift cozying up and watching pay per view. i really enjoy spending time with her..and I can’t wait until we move in together and can spend a lot more time comfortably together..

my save money plan is, for the most part, going well. I spend a little bit that I shouldn’t here and there, but I’m still making a dent in my’ll be good to get all of that gone so I can save for a vacation or something. nudist camp in brazil is one option, the carribean is another. i just started reading a book on iceland, too..and that also sounds interesting as part of a jaunt to europe, since they are so close. I just learned through the book that a percentage of icelanders were originally of irish origin. which makes me wonder if jellybean (who is icelandic, but has red hair and fair skin) is descendant from an irish princess as she is so fond of saying?

and shortly, I have to get my shit together to get ready for church, having made all my lunches for the coming week. I seem to be covering all the bases. maybe not well, but I’m still living and learning..and that’s success to me.