ach, nein!

work is still crazy nut-o. i had a meeting with my boss friday, he
wanted to check to make sure I’m not re-considering taking the job and
if I feel absolutely overwhelmed yet. I’m doing ok, now starting my
third week in!

my gym schedule kind of fell off the map, though, I’m afraid to say.
with practice, the new job, and being a little sick, I haven’t made it
in for a week now. this morning was going to be the first day back, but
somehow jellybean convinced me bed was better than gym. she was was really cozy, and nice to get an extra hour of sleep in.
we’re headed to the gym tonight, though. it should be a real ass-kicker
to get me motivated to keep at it.

corrupt system moved on to quarter finals in band warz, as expected.
crazy story: when we got there and set our stuff inside. nekrekker
goes to us, "they’re drawing for band play order now", after which he
pulls a coin and tosses it, gets me to call it, heads we’re first,
tails we’re later on. I call heads, and a minute later the MC gets up
on stage and announces: "Our first band of the night is…<pulls
name from hat>…Corrupt System". wierd.

as usual, the stupid junk rental drum set they provided was uncomfortable, and I had a couple gear
problems, but we played really well. that was, until Big-D busted
his TOP bass string on the last song…we all see him jump off the stage (some of us wondering if he’s quit the band)..but he changes the string
and gets back in time for the semi-cheesy grand finale of our brooding
metal song, "Taken Away".

there were some good bands that night, and some really, really, bad
bands. i had just gotten back in the bar from visiting jellybean’s and
heard a younger metal band absolutely BUTCHER a cover of Pantera’s
Walk. if your singer doesn’t know the lyrics for a
song, when to come in, and the rest of the band doesn’t know how to
play anything other than the verse part for the song, DON’T FUCKING
PLAY IT LIVE. it wouldn’t have been as bad had it not been an
absolutely legendary classic metal song..but Walk..oh lord.

this weekend the band rented an 8 track digital recorder and some drum
mics and we did the drum takes for a semi-pro 3 song demo..from where
I’m sitting, the drums sound suprisingly good..the three songs will
make it to our website in the multimedia section later next week,
marketed as a "live" recording. look out for that.

back to the lands of servers and clients and hoohaw. later gators.