now there’s the saskatchewan winter weather we all know and hate. currently outside, it is -33 celsius, with a windchill making it feel somewhere around -47 C. let me describe what a cold morning like this is like.

you can tell just how cold it is when you get out of the comfort of your warm apartment in the morning and take that first step into the cold, and you take your first deep breath. it almost shocks your lungs, that first much so that your second one is a little more careful, with lips pursed to warm that breath as much as possible.

then you go and unplug the cord to the block heater of your car and find the extension cord stays frozen in the same position as when it was plugged in. (mine had a nifty series of figure 8 twists in it). you watch as people, too cranky at the cold, drive away with their extension cords dragging behind their cars. lastly, you get into your car, and what used to be a nice soft comfortable bucket seat, is entirely without give or softness.

and then you drive to work, configure trunking on routers, rewrite batches to not BLAT email addresses, run tape backups, get node numbers for technicians working in the field, configure URL re-directs on IIS webservers, and rewrite script, visual basic, and visual c# code. and all is well with the world. until you have to go out in the cold.

corrupt system plays at band warz tonight. we also have 3 shows upcoming for march. go check out for more info.

oh lord. lots of stuff to I go.