or is it valentine’s day? i can never remember.

kidding. last night i had the most memorable valentine’s day on record,
not to brag. and I wish a happy one to every one of you that dropped by
to say hullo today.

now, to preface this, I am not a deep believer in celebrating this
particular hallmark occassion. I believe it’s become overly
commercialized and what’s it’s come to represent thematically is
flawed. as groovy jeep diva said herself today, I don’t need a day dictating I show love toward my significant other.

however, I’ve chosen to look at it as a day to especially celebrate the love I share with my special lady. it’s a better headspace to be in. just as
christians celebrate christmas even though they profess their love for
jesus year round, etc etc.

in any case, jellybean and I went out to the lake, had a nice candlelit
supper and snogged mercilessly on the couch in front of a roaring fire,
and took a nice walk to appreciate to clear night sky – nearly full
moon and bright stars.

i am slightly vindicated in that I watched people’s expressions today
at work as they tried to display little interest, yet still, knowing
that I am in a new relationship, ask what we were planning for
valentine’s. I think even though the holiday has lost some spice in
their marriages, they enjoy looking back to those times when they were
young in love with one another – and wistfully hearing my stories from
our valentine’s day.

in any case, love is in the air. it was a great night and I know
there’s more exciting things coming up in our relationship, both
planned and unexpected. I just love that woman! and not in a Tom Cruise
jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch crazy way, – but in a mature,
respectful and appreciative, yet lustful way. 🙂

ah. back to work. later gators!