hi-o, this is kermit dee frog coming to you with another fast breaking news story.

this week i’ll be doing a lot of head to head with our outgoing systems programmer (whom I’ll be replacing) to get his 13 years of knowledge downloaded in some meaningful format, so I can get a handle on starting my new job tasks. this is going to be a crazy transition period, but there are some neat things going on in the future that will be a lot of fun to get in on.

nickelback was ok. however, it felt like damn near everything they did was stolen from pantera though..the light show, the pyro & special effects, the riffs, throwing beer into the crowd. i like a little razzle dazzle in between songs, but at some point it becomes "it’s all been done before by bands much better than you", and bores the crap outta me. it looked like it was new to everyone else though, as chad’s antics seemed to be appreciated by most of credit union centre. i have a feeling I will have a hard time enjoying future concerts as I just overanalyze the heck out of everything going on at them.

I also see some growing pains..it seems like they’re basically a wanna be metal band that’s become way too accessible. when I see the amount of children they have packing the stands waiting to hear their power ballads, and conversely chad’s dropping f-bombs, debating the cup size of bras thrown on stage, and tossing beer into the crowd, it doesn’t seem to match up.

but it was good musically..both Live and Nickelback were tight, and the sound was dead on.. every instrument was clear and given the proper volume. and Nickelback had a cool projection display setup on the backdrop that ran a picture slideshow for ‘Photograph’, and a short intro movie dedicated to Dimebag, plus a slideshow of Dime that played during the song they wrote in his memory (side of a bullet). Man I miss Dime. I wonder what Damageplan’s music would sound like on the second album..seeing that short video of Dime so stoked about the upcoming album and tour.. what a guy. And taken much too soon from the world.

speaking of stoked about writing music – kram, nekrekker and I worked on a new tune that kram wrote the other day – it’s got some great potential. I’m hoping it comes together in time to share for bandwarz…which is still a long ways away – Feb 16.

ah, back at it.