yesterday when I got to my floor in the elevator, I was by myself. prior to getting off the elevator I let a tear inducing raunchy fart go in the elevator, quickly pressed the close door button, and got off. I heard the elevator depart right away, so I knew somebody would be smelling my cinnamon bun fresh goodness right away. that’s funny. somebody did that to me once, so I only felt it fair to pay it forward.

oh, that wasn’t the news you were wanting? alright alright.

i have on my desk an offer for a permanent full time position as systems programmer with saskatoon public school division. it offers a decent pay increment and finally gives me a sense of job security. it also requires me to do a lot of learning and be a man of many hats, such hats as which I have not worn for a long time. people will be looking to me to be wearing hats such as fedoras and 10 gallon styles in addition to the beanie I usually sport. i have a wierd sense of humor, don’t I?

i will be more involved day to day in areas such as networking, storage, logical architecture, security, and integration. I will have less of a programming focus day to day. it’s nice. anyone who knows me knows that other than partying, playing drums, working out, and getting naked – I get bored of the same things very quickly. this shall be a new challenge for me.

i feel somewhat (not sure if this is the correct word in this context) vindicated. (yes, you can use it as your word of the day, too). after working for the division for 4 years, starting as a lowly technican (sorry lowly technicians) and gripping each 1 year temporary contract while hoping for a next, I am full-time hardcore pornographic!


it’s a celebration, bitches. show rick james your titties.