• i am not pursuing a sex change
  • i would not, could not, on a boat
  • i did not contact aliens from another planet
  • i am not pregnant, nor is jellybean
  • the band did not secure a record contract
  • the fart machine I ordered is not in
  • i did not propose marriage
  • i am not becoming a porn star
  • i do not have the funds, ergo will not start, the planned nudist island
  • i did not get a tattoo
  • i am not moving
  • jellybean and I are not moving in together
  • i did not eat green eggs and ham, I did not eat them, Sam I Am

i am waiting for a particular piece of confirmation before I can say any more. some people do know, but it’s not their news to tell and are therefore sworn to secrecy. sit tight and guess more..that’s always fun.