i don’t know what to write! ergo, you’d think I wouldn’t attempt a blog entry.. and there, you’d be wrong.

i could start something new for work right now, but there’s only an
hour until lunch. besides, I was good all this morning and completed
some crap work. i’m happy with my performance and will now take a

being the good spiritual kid I am, I was very dismayed yesterday when I got up to join jellybean at church, only to find out church at the regularly scheduled attended time did not exist. so instead, the day was spent napping and getting lunches and laundry done.

from there, jellybean and I went to a fondue party. fonduing is fun. jellybean spawned a 45 minute heated conversation simply by saying "So, is anyone following the election?"
which reminds me, I gotta vote today.

now I’m trying to figure out how we can go about hosting a fun-dip party. (http://www.x-entertainment.com/articles/0782/) anyone remember fun-dip? fuck that candy rocked.

corrupt system is ready for band warz..when we eventually get called upon..hah. as the deadline for entry is the 24th i don’t think we’ll hear anything yet about the schedule.
it’s nice that it’s backline and drums are supplied. carrying gear isn’t as fun as I remember it to be, especially given we have so much heavy gear.

ah..la dee da..i’ll get back to work. have a great fuckin’ day 🙂