love love much cool junk on there. i also recommend searching at i found loads of family guy and chappelle show clips on both that made
me chortle in my cube, a good reprieve from working for a while. (i highly recommend the niggar family clip..)

the internet is just rife with stuff. just RIFE. the things i’ve seen. it makes me wonder how long public libraries and the like are going to last. i mean, think of the list of things going around the Internet at this very instant – music, selling, dictionaries and encyclopedias, banking, emails, books, images, education, videos, documents, trading stocks, buying, magazines, games, software, instant messages, databases, recipes, money changing hands, telephone traffic, and just massive amounts of information to boot.

I remember a time not so long ago, my Dad was telling me his reasoning for not putting Internet access into schools was that "it is an empty net". fuck TV, can you imagine the world with no Internet?

the ghost is back in the corrupt system jam space. I knew it when I went in for practice and saw only ONE item of many on a clothesline swinging back and forth of it’s own accord, but after we watched kram’s pedal pop open all by itself, the rest of the band is starting to get it. I haven’t figured out exactly what this ghost is about though. stay tuned 🙂