yeah, the show went well. aside from:

  • howard stern the sound guy, who repeatedly butchered the levels and effects in a bunch of different places on our songs
  • we were packed like sardines on the front of the stage ahead of the 2nd band’s equipment, I kept bumping my elbows on the drumset behind me, and nekrekker had a cymbal stand up his bum most of the night

otherwise, the consensus from the crowd was ‘tight’. as always, I have the candid aftershow stuff on my blog, but I’ve also got the stage photos and a video from our performance up at – go take a peek.

the weekend was quiet..jellybean, my bro and his gf and I went to jellybean’s to drink shooters after the show, and much of friday and saturday were spent being lazy and hungover.

now we have to prepare for band warz, wooooopiedeedoo. i hope some more of the writing comes along..

i’m starting to get blitzed at work again..can’t wait for summer holidays already. i wonder if I was born this lazy or if I inherited the trait or learned it from somewhere? ‘cuz I just don’t want to do anything..well, other than play drums and spend time with mah hunny.

oh, time for lunch. fill my gap with some meat, as it were.