i want a keyboard like this. I WANT IT NOW.

d-day. the hour of reckoning draws near. there’s going to be a few peeps out for the show (shit, even my boss is going to be there with a friend.) and hopefully to party with the band afterwards.

awesome. we’re going to have some more photos and hopefully video up on the website so those of you that are too scared of climates cooler than 8 degrees celsius can see the proceedings, too. (heehee)

thanks for all those bloggers supporting the band directly or indirectly ! hopefully we’ll entertain your pants and other clothing right off tonight. if you can’t make it to the show, please take your clothing off anyway wherever you are at 10pm.

as if I can concentrate on work.

my tibials, calves, and knees hurt from drumming. sometimes to the point I have serious troubles playing the faster non-stop double bass songs we play. i’m going to be adjusting my workouts now to focus more on cardio, because I think as I’ve put on more muscle it’s put more stress on my joints, which is causing the problems. I guess my dream of being the 300 pound 3% bodyfat drummer isn’t going to come true. oh well, band takes precedence.

i fart on you!