well, as some of you know, jellybean and I had a ‘computer blitz’ (she dubbed it) on saturday – involving mostly re-installing windows on our computers and all the latest nifty software. mine didn’t go so well, and I’m left with a steaming pile until I get time to troubleshoot.

i’m really hoping bassist dan doesn’t read this entry – friday he suggested i ‘tighten up and buy a mac‘..to which I replied ‘i’d rather buy a coleco, it has a bigger library of useful software and runs it about as fast‘. he’d have it out on me for sure for my poor non-working windows based computer. I enjoy butting heads with the mac enthusiasts, though. it’s kinda like the situation we experience here with the saskatchewan roughriders – in the company of manitobans we’ll never admit under pain of death our hometeam has any shortcomings. but man oh man, when we gather – listen to us bitch and cry about how much they suck! i was reminded of that today when I saw a fellow motorist’s rider bumper sticker next to his "WE LOST" vanity plate. funny.

what was I really after? oh, I had something funny to share. yeah – since I haven’t had email access over the weekend, my spam folder has been piling up. now, some of you think spam is downright annoying..i STILL find it funny. check out the gems i found waiting in my mailbox:

  • Processing Judgments for high $ – is this offering a career in the legal system?
  • push it in and out and rub it on your clit too italian! – say whaaaaa?
  • Re: mispronounce Phareamaceutical – phareamaceutical? mispronounced?
  • She wants a better Scex? All you need’s here! cartoon – Ah, if she wants better scex all you need is cartoons. I get it now. *watching mighty mouse furiously*
  • Finally he stopped eating me and slipped his dick in code]! – right in your code, eh? that’s hot!
  • and finally, Fredric (who I assumed was male) writes to tell me but instead he licked me softly and nibbled my clit some!? – Fredric seems to be as confused as I am..or is Fredric unsure whether the licking and nibbling actually happened?