augh, i think i’m starting to develop a chemical dependency on coffee.

it could be worse, I could be addicted to snorting chalk dust or something.

speaking of chalk, anyone ever seen that maury povich where they had the episode on people with strange fears? there was a chick on there that was frightened of chalk. maury brought in a box of it and the chick pretty much broke down in tears and had to leave the room. i’m not judging…but… how?….why?

our show with Tommy is coming up quick..we’ve got practices saturday and sunday and possibly next week to get ready. we’re trying to get a new tune ready for the show, it’ll be face blistering ultimatecore if we can squeeze it in. i’m hearing that a few people are going to make it out, so it’s bound to be a good time.

i did summore updating on the website, it’s got a splash of color, a brand spankin’ new forum, and some multimedia content. go looksee!

i’ll admit i am partially singing a different tune now about the ultimate power duo. once during our set their drummer helped me out with a cymbal stand that i slammed off the drum riser, and generally, they are nice people. i still don’t like their music, though.

i’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes a song great. does anyone have any songs that are their all time favorites – and can you describe why you enjoy them? i think a good song has a catchy beat, a string section that grabs you, and a aurally pleasing vocalist.

i think a great song is all of that, plus it makes you FEEL, and has meaning for you. i remember when I was 17, that summer I was listening to bon jovi’s ‘these days’ disc a lot. normally jon bon writes all these happy party in love songs.. in this respect, ‘these days’ is almost an anti-bon jovi album. it discusses thoughts on breakups, failing relationships, loss of hope in god, and even suicide.

I was going through a lot of relationship issues at the time, and I found I related to all the things on ‘these days’ jon wrote about in his lyrics. I would be listening to what Jon was singing and at the same time be saying to myself:
"Man,  I know EXACTLY how he feels. I’m right there with him’. 

with the slow emotional minor key music wrapped around them, and the way it was all tied together, I FELT the songs, too.  If I was in a happy mood, just hearing one of the songs could put me in a completely different state of emotion, one of somber deep thought and unhappiness.

i don’t want my band to be bon jovi, but I do want to provide that sense of meaning and feeling for our listeners. I hear about bands that get letters from fans that say ‘man, that song really helped me through a rough time’, or ‘man, that song was the soundtrack for our parties’.. and I want that, too. i can’t wait for it to happen!