woo. i had a good new year’s evening. all the trappings of the usual peter fun-fest. shooters? check. drunken debauchery? check. we were having so much fun we forgot to watch the countdown to the new year! there were so many shooters consumed and so many bottles of liquor having their contents emptied.. oh my

the evening started innocently enough with 3 shooters each, and a rousing game of black or red. if you haven’t played black or red before – everyone involved is fucked up by the end of 2 decks, guaranteed. basically, the dealer gets a player to guess whether the card that’s going to be dealt to them is black or red. the player gets it wrong, they drink. the player gets it right, the dealer drinks.

peter nakedness? as if you had to ask.. ah, yes..i don’t even need mass amounts of liquor to lose inhibition. it’s like I don’t have inhibitions to start. ok, maybe some, but i seem to have little when it comes to losing clothing.

totally random thought that really doesn’t fit: i found out a couple weeks back from the secretary in our department that the old biddies in the employee lounge look at my butt when I bend over to get stuff from the fridge. eww. now I don’t wanna go into the staff room at coffee time.

the strange thing is, I thought my goal of purchasing a nudist carribean island was something I may have pushed on jellybean. the funny thing is, whilst nursing dual hangovers sunday, we went through her highschool yearbook, where I discovered under her photo her plans for the future: "to buy a hawaiian island and have my own private chippendale dancer at my beck and call." now, if that ain’t damn simular, I don’t know what is. eh? eh?

also during the night we gave the DVD game "Spin the Bottle" a rip.. it really had some amusing content. basically, the virtual bottle is spun, and the person whose avatar the bottle points at has to perform a dare. when you start, you can pick from several levels of dare types, from the very prudish all the way up to "WILD". some of the dares performed at jellybean’s included piggyback rides, creating toilet paper tube tops, writing mustache/goatee combinations on the girl’s faces..at the ‘WILD’ level (that we didn’t play), some of the dares included looking for change in the opposite sex’s underwear, taking a photo of someone washing their hair in the toilet, taking off articles of clothes.. . it’s a good adult themed game that provides a bit of a break from the old family board games.. but I’d recommend having either 4 or 8 players for sure to play it.i’d also recommend an open mind and willingness to be a little risque! hehe.

ok, that’s the catch-up. now back to your regularly scheduled blog programming. shoo!