hello everyone..and welcome back. ahh..the office is occupied by two people currently, and one of them is me. I can forsee a great week of slacking, however small.
written blogs aren’t the only ones I visit, i also have a bunch of great photoblogs bookmarked.. one in particular, the superhero journal, posed a good question today. he ponders what his life would be like if, whenever prompted with a yes or no decision, he chose yes. I spent a few minutes in this rare silence in my cubicle thinking it over myself. would there be any large changes in your life had you said yes vs. no in any particular occasion?
the other photoblog that knocked my socks right off (i’m not kidding, they’re practically five feet away) is at no traces. the nature photography this guy does is jaw droppingly good.
christmas was nice. much lower key than usual, but still good. jellybean impressed my family and I think there’s a general sigh of relief that those who haven’t met her, now have. i still don’t understand what the whole urgency was around meeting her? you’re going to meet her sooner or later.  it’s not like you’re waiting on a hospital bed for a transplant. the one thing I caught my family saying a lot was that she "made herself right at home", and "fit right in". i guess there’s a need to compliment, and those are the safe ones…those are better than "she has a nice ass, good pick, son.". hehe. well, she does, it would be true.
i put a pot of coffee on, but i don’t know how particularly how this coffee maker works. I looked at the grounds and they looked non-wet and stuff so i hope everything works out alright..bwahaha.
first band practice back tonight..and I’ve still gotta put my drumset back together…
geez I’m tired..pitter patter..