whoopideedoo! the roxy got caught without an opening act for tonight and asked us tuesday night if we would play..pretty last minute! but we had a huddle and agreed to do it.  we will be playing a 9 song set (roughly 45 mins) consisting of 6 cover tunes and 3 of our own. speaking of us, go visit http://www.corruptsystem.ca. it’s under construction,
but expect many great things and much good content in the days to come!

the new drums are working out well..the toms especially!..whereas the old tom mounting hardware went right inside the drum, the new toms have mounts that connect to hardware on the shell of the drum. less interference with sound that way. i bet you’re all excited to have known that. =p

I busted another cymbal, which has been returned, and thankfully was still under warranty. usually cymbals crack from the edges inward, in this particular case the crack followed a groove in the middle of the cymbal..which is strange. I also busted the snare string during practice last night, which a also a new one on me. i keep finding new ways to break stuff. it’s funny at practices, but i pray to god it doesn’t happen during a show!

about the show tonight.. and keep in mind these views are my own and not those of my band or microsoft or the roxy.. we are opening for the ultimate power duo, another local band. they have been playing around canada for a while now, within a genre they call demolition rock, but I would call greenday style punk. now then, I’ve seen these guys perform live a coupla times..and I don’t like it. their show seems to be a circus act based on showmanship rather than musicianmanship.

this, my friends, is what I think is wrong with the music industry today. i really dislike the whole trend emphasizing style over substance in the music world. Now, don’t get me wrong – I understand the importance of being entertaining as a band. there are some purely technical bands that will basically stand in place all of their show, and have to furiously concentrate to be able to play their intricate pieces, and that’s really not that great a show to watch unless you’re a harcore fan of that band’s music. but what I don’t agree with is trying to hide piss-poor, poorly arranged, generic music with image, attitude, and circus performances full of smoke and mirrors.

what I wanna know is – when did the image side of music become more important than the music itself? is this a gigantic social experiment?

in any case, everyone in UPD may be very gifted, talented, technically proficient, and a great bunch of people, but I don’t have a chance to discern that given what I’ve seen from shows.