this is peter, from cubeland, reporting live.

condiments are gross. except syrup and peanut butter. but that’s it.

i’m happily slacking away at work again as christmas nears. well, not completely slacking, I do about 5 minutes of work per half hour, which is a decent low stress amount for me.

with the holidays comes new years, and new years comes resolutions.
as you may remember, I had a few things back in the day i blogged about that I was hoping to improve.

  1. number one was my acute shyness and social phobia. I’ve made strides in this area. as one example, talking up and pursuing jellybean. I also make attempts to talk to random strangers when I’m out and about. i still can get a little anxious in crowds when I’m forced to mingle on my own, but that’s something I can continue to work on.
  2. my negativity. an improvement in this area i’ve made is courtesy of tony robbin’s advice. he suggests every time you want to come up with negative reasons to things in your life, you should try to think of as many positive reasons to balance it out. sometimes I forget to apply the excercise, but I’d say I’m a little more balanced as a result.
  3. religion. wow..this area kind of cleaned up a lot. jellybean came from the same emotional place i did, and she made a few self improvement steps, of them was to regularly attend church. now we do it together, every weekend. the church isn’t the ‘fire and brimstone threatening/old folks home’ we have at it’s cool. they have a band (with a bunch of different drummers!) perform a few songs before the minister gives his homily or sermon if you want to call it that. the minister is young, well spoken, enthusiastic, and is dressed in jeans and other casual clothes. it’s comfortable to go there and just kind of spend the time thinking and reflecting.
  4. the slacker – well, again, it’s a slow time now..HAHA. but prior to this I worked my can off for some 3 months writing an application that got critical acclaim and I’m headed for more fun stuff soon.
  5. family life. I’ll admit this is still a sore spot for me. I don’t connect well with my parents on a lot of levels..age, hobbies, things of that nature..and they are a bit cranky nowadays towards each other which makes me want to spend less time around them.  my brother and I connect pretty well, though, when we get the time…it’s not often as we have seperate lives and a lot of stuff going on, and live an hour away from one another. i’m not sure what I should do in this area to get it better.

i’d like to add a new one for the new year – my finances. in previous years all my bills were paid off completely on pay-day, and I owed no one for anything. I even contributed regularly to an RRSP and had a savings account, as well as a healthy cushion in my chequing account in case of an emergency.

now, by contrast, I am not paying off my visa in full every month and am surviving on a line of credit, it’s not quite as comfortable. so I’ve drawn a list up of unecessary spending and made a plan for the first 4 months of 2006 to cut all my debt. I’ve enlisted jellybean’s support in getting things done. it should be a breeze if I keep the willpower up.

this is long enough already and I have to go complete my requisite 5 minutes of work for this half hour, then get outta here so I can get dolled up. jellybean and I are headed out for dinner at the cave and then I’m going to finish xmas shopping. woo!

until next time, this has been peter, reporting live from cubeland.