busy is as busy does.

things are getting busier by the day. i’ve just finished the first template and set of accompanying pages for the official corrupt system website. (as of last night) and as soon as I’m back into Saskatoon I’m in a photo shoot for the band and couple hour practice. the days following will be filled with work during the days and practice in the evenings, wrapping right around the christmas holidays and beyond.

I think in my mind I might be over exaggerating my worries about the importance of our first paid show,  but at the same time, we’ve got a real opportunity to take more steps as a band. i was reminded watching that awful gene simmons rockumentary ‘school of rock’ that showmanship has equal importantance when it comes to performing live. and there’s a level of comfort there that I’m lacking, just because I don’t do it all the time. and there’s a band side to that, too – where I may be able to anticipate what the guys are going to be doing musically, god only knows where they may be on stage and what they may be doing.

anyways, with all the scheduling in between family, work, band, and love life – I’m reminded of when i first started dating snuffleupagus. I was nearing the end of a 7 month temporary contract at work and remarked I was thinking of moving to edmonton to start a band with kram. snuffleupagus became really whiney at that point and suckupish, and it became some large bone of contention for her for the rest of our relationship. and it irritated the hell out of me when she reminded me that I was considering it but didn’t follow through on it. it was almost a "you’re mine now" statement.

i don’t know if I necessarily regret choosing relationship over moving to be in a band ..but I guess now that I have my opportunity to make music with a group of really talented guys, I’m making decisions that I wouldn’t in the past.

sometimes that puts me at odds in other areas of my life or causes my days to be extra long so I can keep up with everything, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. well, ok, I’d rather be fulltime involved with the music and get properly compensated for it, rather than be programming in a cube 9-5. but that’s not going to be happening until the band really pays it’s dues for some time. we’re so young and fresh..it’s going to take time to build our experience and shape our potential/talent both as individual musicians and as a team, before we can really make a business out of this.

i want more raisinbread. *stealthily sneaks away*