yesiree. a city that rhymes with vagina, in saskatchewan. it could only be…

i’m in training right now. that should tell you how utterly thrilling it is for me. the instructor is basically going page by page through a 700 page microsoft guide, which blows whale sperm. i could do that myself at home. what value is it for me to come here to regina and sit in a class to do this? perhaps that I have the uninterrupted time to go through the material? (without users bugging me to fix shit)

in any case, i’m here for the week, so I’ll keep on trucking. my hotel has a fitness facility and my gym is affiliated with many here, so I can still train for free. all my meals for this week were pre-prepared, so I’m eating properly too. (minus the donuts and cookies they insist on serving for free at class)

christmas is coming close and I really couldn’t be bothered to get excited. none of my family has had the time to do shopping, and besides all of us getting together, it’s really not going to seem like anything special. i need the time to practice..our Jan 12 gig (which has yetl to be confirmed by the Roxy – scary) is looming close.

my brother set up his own space..which is a pretty big deal. go say hi!

i’m back to validating user input using validator controls. I KNOW! all of you out there must be creaming your pants reading this, just imagine how I feel!