song lyrics trivia of the day: (name the song/artist)
and I soon found out, it’ll gitcha into trouble, but it can’t gitcha out.

wee. christmas season is crazy, ain’t it?

i have all my shopping done. no wait, I’m only finished shopping for jellybean. And I keep buying myself stuff. that’s close enough, isn’t it?

the gentle stupid snow is falling ever so pathetically outside. go away, snow.

aside from the 3 drum extension, my drumset is in at long & mcquade. the corrupt boys will converge on the building friday afternoon and perform the great switcheroo.

saturday is Yoko‘s birthday. throwing up can be fun if your friends induce it. promise.

next week i’m in regina all week for training on microsoft visual yay me. beats sitting at work wishing I was in regina training. or wait a tick – that’s not what I wish for while I’m at work.

there’s a girl who started going to my gym in the early mornings, and she’s ridiculously skinny. like, you can see where the bones are in every part of her exposed skin. not to mention her eyes look sunken and there’s no cheek flesh. she does cardio every fricking day I’m in there. I appreciate that she wants to be toned, but jeez..she looks sickly. I just want to bring her a mcDonald’s cheese burger or 3 every day and force feed her.  would that be a bad thing?

my gym time is going well. in the winters I tend not to pay too much attention to diet, just try not to go overboard. my goal is to get the required protein so I can put on muscle, then burn off any excess in late spring/early summer. it seems to be going well so far.

corrupt system continues to write and arrange and jam!

oh look, a bunny rabbit!
*runs off to chase the rabbit*