went hunting last weekend. not sure or really don’t care how you feel about the subject, I will still continue to do it anyways.dad got a small buck and I got a doe. I was shooting for meat, basically, but unfortunately the doe I shot had already been wounded at least a week earlier by our figgerin’ by another hunter. in the ass.

to that, I gotta say, thanks buddy. you make all of us hunters look so good when you do that. if you shoot at the deer, hit the deer – go and fucking track the deer and finish it off. unfortunately, much infection had set in to the wound and the rest of the deer –  magpies were even pestering the deer and picking at it..thus the deer went to waste. fortunately, dad’s buck was big enough that it will provide oodles of sausage, which will be enjoyed by all.

yep, corrupt system is still playing with tommy january 12th. we’re listed as a co-headliner(?) so that may mean more time for us to play. the venue hasn’t gotten back to us with anything regarding pay or a rider, so maybe we’ll get a can of beer each and a kick in the pants. regardless, it will be good to put on more of a show and have time to get comfortable on stage. without people judging our performance, especially.

i think the jury is in, and the verdict is that we’ll also be competing in bandwarz at the roxy as well in january-february. the prize list and exposure is too good to pass up for us at this point.

the whole area of human dynamics in the band is interesting. from other blog entries, as you may have gathered, i am generally fairly easy going but not the most socially gifted clown in the circus. there are few people that am polarized completely against, and would say I get along easily with everyone most of the time. mixing amongst this band and working together can be difficult at times..different points of view, opinions, and people with different values and beliefs working toward a common goal is a strange process, especially with something as subjective and creative as music.  I can achieve a little more grace and humility than I have thus far, this I know for sure. I find my blood pressure going up at times when I’d normally be much more relaxed. Something to work on, anyways.

i’d still love you if you were a balding midget she-male. I don’t think we’d necessarily be travelling in the same circles if you were such a person, thus narrowing the chance I’d have met you, but anyways…