so today, a general comment was received by a user (teacher) on software I developed.

"We should be driving technology, not the other way around."

Er, if it were left up to you to request change and examine
deficiencies in your own processes, you’d still be using pen and paper
and refusing technology outright. "No Billy, there is no valid use of
these ‘computer’ or ‘internet’ things you refer to. Go back to counting
on your abacus."

Not that all technology introduced to the education process has been
good, nor has all of it facilitated a quantifiable greater or easier
learning process for today’s student. Some of it I recognize is simply
there as a necessary evil to get students ready for what they’ll face
in the real world. (And post-secondary institutions will argue that’s
not even K-12’s job! Say buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttt?)

What am I getting at? I want an iPod Nano, and if you bastids on eBay
would stop outbidding on me, I’d have one by now. that is all.