the new drumset is ordered..and will be coming in…hopefully fast! the
only drummer who reads my blog is me, but I’ll talk about it anyways.

this will be my fourth drumset since I started playing – back when I
was 14.  my first was the beginner’s starter kit – a 5 piece white
torque was pretty garbagey, but I got started quickly on it. I
played it in my bedroom on the second floor of mom & dad’s
house..I’m betting that helped lead to some of my dad’s current day
hearing loss.

that set quickly got dumped off for a brand new sparkly red 7 piece
yamaha set. (my  favorite, it sounded great). by the time I got
the yamaha kit I was moved into the basement, which very quickly got
soundproofed. the yamaha kit got
me through the garage band days and saw me through a talent show, a
couple girlfriends, loads of jam/beer drinking sessions, and a
couple school dances. (gjd – the only remaining picture of me with a
mullet – is one of me sitting behind that kit.. and it’s
behind a protective glass frame that will deny all attempts to open it.)

for some reason in grade 12 I thought I needed to be just like lars ulrich (metallica) and HAD to
have a Tama set, so I sold my Yamaha kit and bought an 8
piece black Tama kit. my band in high school refused to do anything but
play covers and drink beer, and quickly dis-banded after graduation, so
it sat in storage until I met Mr. Hepp. after some practice and studio
time with him, I took kram with me and worked to recruit what
has now become corrupt system. the tama kit is a late 80’s model, and
has seen it’s share of action, the shells are warped and the paint has
been taken off them in places, and has never really sounded near as
good as the yamaha kit. now that the band seems to be taking off, and
the other guys are spending cash like it’s going out of style on their
own gear – i figure it’s time to do some upgrading myself.

alright – the new kit! (all stuff pictured below). i got a 5 piece
pearl export kit, with a 3 drum expansion pack, in asshair black. i
subbed out the regular poopy export snaredrum for an ultracast 14×6.5
inch. the snare drum is arguably the drummer’s most used weapon in
his/her arsenal so it makes absolute sense not to cut corners on a
snare. i’ve also opted to dump the bass pedals the kit comes with and
use pearl’s new super assfuckingkicking eliminators in their place.
i’ve rented an eliminator for both gbob shows, and it was as slick as a
runny shit.. a must have for fast footwork!

i’m excited. my bank account is less than amused. oh well. play some gigs and pay for this shit, and write it off 🙂